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The Power of the Blueberry

The health benefits of blueberries have been demonstrated in various nutrition studies. The dark pigment of blueberries is indicative of their dense concentration of polyphenols, which are a type of phytochemical that have antioxidant, health-promoting, disease-fighting, anti-aging, and even weight management properties. Anthocyanins are the colorful antioxidant polyphenols that give blueberries their rich color, and […]

Is Fruit Good or Bad for Fat Loss?

Despite the myriad benefits associated with a diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, many health professionals often recommend that folks limit fruit intake when they’re trying to lose weight, and militant health “gurus” may go so far as to suggest the complete elimination of fruit from the diet when trying to optimize fat loss. […]

Sleep Aids…Good or Bad?

As Dr. Kirk Parsley puts it, “We have an enormous problem that we all share that’s wrecking our health, our finances, our happiness, and our relationships.” This problem is shared by over 100 MILLION Americans. What’s that problem? Sleep deprivation. Worse yet, many people are not willing to acknowledge that this is their problem. We’re […]

Nuts…Good or Bad?

Today I want to tell you about a healthy snack that may not only satisfy your late-night cravings, but also help you control your appetite, boost your metabolism, and torch more body fat. So, what is it, you ask? Nuts! You may think I’m “nuts” because nuts are high in fat and calories, but nuts […]